About the Grenada Taekwon-do Association

The Grenada Taekwon-do Association (GTA) is the official body for the development of the Olympic Style of Taekwon-do and is registered members of the Grenada Olympic Committee, Pan-American Taekwon-do Union and the World Taekwon-do Federation. It is one of the longest serving martial arts body on the island of Grenada. It was re-established in 2004 by founding members Fronzie Charles, Nicholas Snagg and Cheril-Ann Clyne. It was officially reinstated with the World Taekwon-do Federation in October 2007.

Since its reestablishment, the organisation has gone on to participate in several regional and international competitions including the Olympics (London 2012). It hosted yearly camps for local young people and international competitions in 2010 and 2011.

The organisation is responsible for the overseeing and the provision of guidelines for local schools and for talent scouting for potential competitive athletes in both junior and senior categories.