The rules and regulations of the Grenada Taekwon-do Association (GTA) have been amended this day December 15th, 2008 to improve the organisation’s services and enable them to function more efficiently and effectively. The GTA aims to register all WTF and other Taekwon-do schools by December 2009 and to provide a quality service to all its members. The rules and regulations are written as guidelines for Organisations. The GTA is responsible for the annual fees to the World Taekwon-do Federation, Grenada Olympic Committee and the Pan American Taekwon-do Union.

As the governing body for Taekwon-do in Grenada, the GTA acts as the representative of any athlete selected to represent Grenada. As only the GTA can make the decision to select an athlete to represent the country. Membership with the GTA allows the athlete the opportunity to compete at local, regional and international events, at both open and sanctioned games on behalf of Grenada. Therefore it is imperative that the athlete understands that any promotion or media coverage on an athlete must first be approved by the GTA.